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Hair Cream Bath - Indonesia's Traditional Hair Loss Remedy

Ever wonder how Indonesian males and females manage to keep a full head of lustrous hair, even well into their senior years?

Their secret is the hair cream "bath", a traditional Indonesian treatment, a relaxing and popular sensation lasting from 45 to 60 minutes per session.

Hair is first washed then towel-dried in preparation for the cream application. You are given a choice of different hair cream types to address different follicle concerns, and depending on the salon, choices can include aloe vera, avocado, strawberry and lemongrass, among many others.

The cream is applied over your entire hair and scalp with a gentle head massage. This is followed by either wrapping your head with a warm towel or placing the top of your head in a steamer for 15-minutes, all to encourage blood circulation while opening hair roots to absorb the wonderful properties of the applied cream. During this time, your neck, shoulders and upper arms are treated to a tension releasing and stress reducing massage.

Finally, the cream is removed from your hair with a shampoo and rinse, followed by the application of hair tonic before being blown dry.

The entire treatment leaves you with lustrous hair and when done on a regular basis, helps soften hair. Many local males even swear by hair cream baths as a method for preventing hair loss.

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