Lembah Spa Ubud - Massage

Let Loving Hands Massage You

French Massage The Lomi Lomi massage is also known as the Loving Hands massage due to the way it is administered – the therapist carries out the massage using continuous, flowing strokes of the hands coupled with a loving heart. …

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Lembah Spa Ubud - Spa Room

Improve Body’s Immunity with a French Massage

Staying present and calm throughout the entire day. Our lymph nodes act as agents that trap foreign particles entering our blood stream, and this policing helps our immune system to function smoothly. Located throughout our body, our lymph nodes have …

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Beauty Treatment

Enjoy our spa treatment

Relax & Recharge For some of us, a session at the spa improves our appetite and prepares out palette for new taste sensations. Thus the Lembah Spa has teamed up with CasCades Restaurant to present our guests with a Spa & High Tea Package. …

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